Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Woot my 1st screenshot from my World of Warcraft, the current mmorpg that i'm playing. I'm playing a druid name Takizawa on the server Gorgonnash, and in the guild call Tempestas. The guild downed Ebonroc last night, the 5th boss in Blackwing Lair and i'm inside, sad to say, during my exam period... :/

So much has change over months, going to a year inside the game. People come and go and until i look back, i did not realise the change that i underwent too. My family do not understand why i spend so much time playing the game instead of studying, but i just find studying is so~~ boring and WoW just happens to be the nearest entertainment that i can get. Last time i still have some good friends to play with but now they are all not playing anymore and the player versus environment condition is just so hardcore that requires you to spend a lot of time in it.

I find the success in my game as some forms of achievements especially with my lousy computer and bad connection and not to mention the often bugs and problems that always appear in game. But the reason to play WoW has long disappeared and i no longer find joy in playing WoW. It is a kind of commitment for me to try to get my guild continue to progress as part of a legacy that i do not want to forget. Just like FFXI, but there is now a change in situation. I still remember what is said in the past, that why i continue to make Tempestas works. But i am just sad that i am left alone.

Thinking about mmorpg reminds me of Dark Age of Camelot, my 1st mmorpg that i use to play. I really enjoyed playing the game throughout my 2nd JC year and my 1st NS year, pvping around with some friends whom i met online, though 1 of them is my real life friend. So much has change since then, people come and go and i'm not excluded. Do you still remember what is irc or even icq? Do you remember what is your icq number haha. I log in my icq a few weeks back and see those people i used to have in my icq list. And the most irritating sentence i can think of now is tian xia wu bu shan zhi yan xi....~~

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