Sunday, April 23, 2006


Quite freak out by my exceptional calmness during this exam period when my study schedule is totally screwed up so far. I really feel that even if i have all my exams now i still will not feel a thing. Unlike my last semester where i was really very worried about my exams, this semester feels like exam is the last thing i am going to be worried about.

Went for tempestas guild meeting at cuppage yesterday and met up with like 10 of my fellow guildmates and we talked about how we going to plan to clear Blackwing Lair in the coming month. I was quite enthu about it until towards the end of the meeting, as usual like last time i was totally pissed off with certain guy's i can do it but others can or not or i already do so much le what others are doing attitude. Last time at least have Alvin to share the bloody attitude but now i'm the only one left to quarrel against that stupid idiot.

A perfect example of how fast things can change, now while i'm writing this i totally refuse to do anything to lead the guild. Any mistakes i see i also refused to tell them what is wrong. But on the brighter side, at least more members became officer too, and i am sure there will be more people to scold that idiot.

Anyway, to have something to look forward to i should organise a BBQ at my house after exam! And looking for takers to learn how to make Japanese cruisine....~_~

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