Friday, April 28, 2006

Horrible day

So i thought today will be a good ending to my almost finished exam week since i felt really happy when i woke up this morning. But apparently, nothing good comes twice and only bad stuffs will keep coming. I drove to school for my exam today, slowly driving along the road because i don't want to get to school to early and wait.

I reached school around 2pm and my paper was at 2.30pm. There was some heavy traffic near the enginneering carpark entrance, but well i went for the free parking at kent vale. But guess what, the kent vale carpark, in my almost 1 year life in NUS, the carpark is actually filled. Ok, tough luck, no more free parking. The first place i check is on the Architecture side and well, all slots filled and i drove back to enginneering side. But since the exit was cramped with cars, i had to made a u-turn back and exit through the architecture side, and in the process i almost knock into some motorbikes because i press the accelerator instead of the brakes!

So around 2.15pm, i drove to science side to park at the carpark there. With less than 10 mins to my exam i was kind of in panic. I ran for 1 bus stop from science before seeing the bus coming. So i waited for the bus and ran all the way into the exam hall after alighting. Well, luckily, exam have not started. Ok fast forward another 2 hours, i'm screwed for the paper. Maths paper is even worse than my physic paper. Not sure if i actually did any paper worse than this in my last semester, but i declared myself screwed for maths.

How ridiculously things can be. I am sure that if something goes wrong, more will follow suit.

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