Friday, April 28, 2006

More complaints

Ok so i'm here to complain more about life. Now i remember again how sian is it to play WoW when you have plenty of time. Well not exactly plenty of time since i still have to study for my General Biology paper next week, but rather a break in between. But still, i rather go out to watch movies or sing ktv, rather than staying at home to play WoW.

So i recap back during the semester why i was like almost addicted to WoW, playing every night and even not do tutorials because i was playing WoW. Or maybe it is just like what my CTW tutor said, most people can plan whatever things they want to do after their exams, but when their exams really ended, all they want is just to have a good rest.

So i should go sleep for at least 10 hours before enjoying or continue to study..:D

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