Saturday, April 29, 2006

Waking up early

Whoever said that waking up early is good obviously never wake up early and find him/herself having nothing to do at all. There is no nice tv programs to watch, shops are still close and when you get online no one is online too. Ok... so maybe i got too use to sleeping late and waking up when it's almost to lunchtime for my free days. But still i rather enjoy the joyness of doing nothing rather than having to do somethings.

Since now is the hype of the general election and all the parties are doing their respective rallies. Tv too is broadcasting all the stuffs said by the candidates, their parties and the PM, SM and MM. Since to me CNA = Best channel to watch whenever there is nothing to watch, i saw some of the things said by the PM and MM about the opposition parties. PM said that the rallies of the opposition parties will never talk about globalization, terrorism, employment etc etc while MM said that there will be bad consequences if PAP does not win this election. I never really like the idea of bashing other parties just to make you look nicer, especially obvious in Taiwan politics. I used to feel that PAP is good because they did practical stuff, until they appointed the current Minister of Education and he reduced the requirement for Chinese. So i feel that there will always be this rivalry between the so call "potato" and those who are better in chinese and weak in english. I remember last time how the teachers always stress the importance of english while the poor chinese teachers are the only ones who support you to speak chinese.

Ok... i better not say much since apart from the official websites of the parties, it is not allowed to blog or whatsoever about the election.

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