Sunday, April 30, 2006

Command & Conquer

I remember the first C&C is one of my first real time strategy game i played, together with Warcraft I when i was like primary five or six at my grandmother's house. I have always been a fan of the C&C sequel while i was still into single player game, of course now i like mmorpg more.

While i was surfing through some gaming websites, i saw the news about C&C3: Tiberium Wars in the works. And guess what was in their website : They are actually promoting the first decade of C&C, 10 years since i liked the C&C brand. And now at they are offering the first decade of C&C : Of course there are a lot of other single player game that i like, like warcraft series, heroes of might and magic, civilisation and dune. After feeling a bit nostalgia about these games that i used to play when i was still a kid, i went to search for more sequels for some of these games. And guess what i found...:D

I have been following warcraft an civilisation series quite faithly, though most of the time i hardly buy expansion for those sequels. Then i realise that heroes of might and magic 5 is releasing May 06' and now in 3D! Check out the website : So now i am going to try out the demo for Heroes 5 and if you are interested you can download the demo from :

Woot, just follow another game i like having sequel... Caesar 4 releasing summer 2006, which is those kind of building cities kind of game. When i was a kid i really like these games that build things, like the sim series especially simtowers. I always felt that it is a pity simtowers is never develop further into a new game.

Oh well... more games for the win!

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