Monday, May 01, 2006

Huh what are you talking about?

After talking with my friend zhiyang over the phone today reminds me of an issue that i wrote in my university course feedback i think (or rather i hope i wrote it down). It is about why does universities have lecturers who cannot communicate or express well in english to be lecturers. Apparently not only my school has this problem, in fact another student from another university wrote to the press and complained about this and from what zhiyang said, received a lot of negative feedbacks towards him.

So while i labouring through my biology textbook during labour day i came to this part about scientific methods. It says that one of the important element of science is communication, which must be accurate and thoroughly. Since the start of my schooling life, the educators have been stressing how important is english to us, because as an internation language, we must have a good gasp of the language in order to communicate effectively with others and bring our points through. However, why did our so called top universites hire lecturers who cannot even communicate fluently in english and students have problems listening to them effectively.

Unlike secondary schools or junior colleges where the results produce by students are effectively affected by the efforts of their teachers, the mass moderation of the university system clearly does not reflect anything about the abilities of the lecturers and tutors. Imagine the exam paper, the entire cohort only attempted 30% of the paper and yet the average students get a B as an overall grade. Well... probably i'm quite extreme on such examples, but as paying students why are we not entitled to lecturers who can at least communicate well enough in the teaching language. I am not biased against any nationality studying in Singapore or even teaching for that matter, but we have to face the facts that since we stress so much on our gasp of english, why isnt this standard impose on our lecturers and tutors too?

Regarding this issue, i remember my father has a friend whose daughter is studying in Singapore and they are from China. Students from China have to go through tuition for their english but i learnt something from them which shocked me. Apparently, in her school she wasn't given a spot in the tuition class just because the class is full even though she offered to pay extra for the tuition to the school while the rest in the class need not pay for the tuition. And what is the difference you might ask, those in the class were the so-called scholars from China while the latter is just a normal student sent to Singapore by his father to study in Singapore.

So what is the relationship between the two? I have also no idea why i write so much haha... but my point is our education system reduced the importance of chinese despite the rise of China and in tertiary education we have the problem of lecturers not able to speak in fluent english. Do i see an interference in a wrong area but nothing is done where changes should be done? So this is just my personal views, but hey, imagine you go watch a foreign movie and they did not show any subtitles.

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