Monday, April 10, 2006

Tristan and Isolde

Just watched Tristan and Isolde at Cathay Cineleisure today on a boring sunday afternoon. The preview just indicate it is going to be something like Romeo and Juliet. After watching the movie, i feel it is a great movie that is far better than Romeo and Juliet. The movie includes conspiracy, honor, romance, kinship, warfare, and best of all i feel the story move relatively fast as compared to most other romance story.

I feel a lot of meanings beneath the movie plot. In life, there are a lot of priorities that you need to set, and there are always some that you cannot get together. Responsibilities force you to forgo whatever dreams or goals you have and expectations make you an actor. Sound so chim heh but i guess i always like movies with plots that involve you not getting what you desire because it's nearer to my heart?

And thanks for Alvin for asking me for movie though i chose the great show!

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