Saturday, April 08, 2006

CS1102C Practical Exam

Apparently this semester occupied with problems from cs1102c. Even on my last practical exam, it's full of screw ups. Originally, the test is suppose to start at 6.30pm and end at 8.30pm. In the end, it started at 6.30pm for some and ended at 9.30pm for all.

1st of all, i went to my computer and realise the computer monitor is spoilt and instead of normal colours i have to see rainbows throughout my whole PE. So, i log in the computer and SSH, and realise that i cannot connect to the server. Quite a number actually cannot connect too, but there are others who can and they just start with their PE. Initially the TA actually say those who can connect can start and will end exactly 2 hours later, but in the end of course everyone end at the same time.

After managing to connect to SSH, i realise the command to log in coursemarker were not given and even the TA had to ask around to get us the command. After logging in and seeing the questions, i anxiously started my PE. Then, when i use vim to edit my files i realise the backspace, the direction arrows all cannot be use!!! When the problems were raised to the TA, all he could say is just use pico instead. And all the while i have been using vim to do my lab and dont know anything about pico. I do not even know how to initialise pico and thought it was piceo. So starting i was so anxious with the questions, searching through my notes before i finally calm down and do my PE peacefully. Then, when you thought things will be smooth riding, while doing my code halfway, the connection to the host was lost and all my code window went blank. This happened to most who did not use external editor on their computer to do their PE. So more time wasted waiting for my SSH to reconnect. And towards the end of the PE, my files take so long to compile that i cannot even check for errors or edit my codes.

After the PE, obviously pages of complaints flow in on the course forums. Despite knowing it is not the fault of the lecturers or TA as this kind of technical faults are unexpected, i still want to make sarcastic remarks about NUS being a world class institute of learning. Do not come tell me this is something you cannot do. So many students paid so much money and all we get is a screwed up module that force you to buy the textbook, PE questions that is only something that is not even covered fully in lectures and technical faults because server got overwhelmed? Then why the hell you have all the students in the same time slot doing the PE. Last semester cs1101c is so much peaceful, and certainly the PE was less chaotic.

Luckily, my PE i think i finished it quite averagly. I guess i can do what most people can do so i will propably get average results too. Oh well... i'm only aiming to get at least B instead of C like last semester.

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