Monday, May 22, 2006

Pissed and disgusted

Today while washing my bottle cup that i have been drinking from for the past few days, open the cover and saw a drowned insect inside it... -.- As i was wondering how it manage to get inside i realise that it is still moving... so i hope that it just flew inside and drown and since i have not been drinking from it for at least half a day, maybe i didnt drink any insect infested water... -.-!

But the most disgusted stuff is not insect but rather human being. Some people can be so disgusting to talk about what other people cannot do and still be so firm when they themselves cannot accomplish somethings. This really tells me how important human relations are but at the same time you should avoid idiots with totally no human relations skill at all because they will pissed you so much until you will just forgone all feelings just to hate them. I'm not that good at making friends because i prefer to keep to myself but i'm definitely nice if i treat you as a good friend.

So after this ridiculous incident i am so glad for my NS experience because knowing what to communicate at the right time really prevent you from being an idiot. Some people just think that what they do are correct and the best while others can never be compared to them. Always trying to focus on your personal achievement and think that it is the most important. Apart from these they think what they do not want to try are stuff which cannot be done and impossible to accomplish.

Strange to say while i'm writing all of these stuffs i'm not angry at all. I am just a bit paiseh that i caused a bit of drama inside my guild during raiding time... however to you bloody stupid ridiculous idiot... you live a pathetic life and clearly an example on what my parents tell me... never let gaming ruin your life. Being the more gear and older tank does not means that you are the best and clearly so many more people are better than you but you can continue to live in your little world where you are the best. Be glad that you are a class that requires a lot of gears or else you will be worthless to even be used. Last time say how much you contribute to the guild by getting revered with thorium brotherhood eh? Go to hell i tell you... considering the guild has to sponsor you everything while so many other people spent their time farming just to get revered with their OWN effort. And you are really ridiculous by respecing to fury just to farm gold to cover the cost of respec and respec back again.

How do you even become a teacher. You are probably the mistake before our current minster of education. Considering how many people complain about you even directly in your face you failed to wake up. I just hope that i have used up all my bad karma by just knowing you bloody idiot.

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