Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Time to start to earn money?

Some things are really meant to just be watched once. Since i am kind of bored, i went through my old stacks of dramas to see if any i can rewatch while waiting to finish downloading new dramas and game. Ok so i have become a bit cheapskate now. I was thinking if i should buy new dramas to watch and even thought of buying Heroes of Might and Magic V after seeing it at Comic Connection today, but it has to cost $59.50... :/

I was hoping to save like $100 a month and i am kind of reaching that limit. Damn myself for not saving more during my NS days and during the semester. Both of my sister are now overseas, one on a 1 month Europe backpack while another is working in China. Well... my dad asked me to go Indonesia with him though, but i remember after my last trip with him to Malaysia, i decided not to go with him ever on business trip if avoidable. So hopefully i can try to come up with a few hundred dollars more and maybe i can go on a little trip eh?

I am still not sure how much exactly i will be paid or when i will be paid for helping my aunt with some stuff though she said she will pay me more because i am suppose to rush some stuff for her these few days. I finished everything she asked me so far and i am supposed to go to my cousin's warehouse to do some data entry supposely tomorrow. So should i bring my mouse along? The last time i went there i saw the mouse is the old kind of mouse... with no scrolling! I'm just afraid that i need to key in all the stuff from the 40+ books that i saw last time? And worse, after coming back from the place on sunday, now i have mosquito bites here and there.

Haiz... the things people will do for money. But then if future i can just do some monthly book keeping for extra cash it probably will be very helpful. I usually just dont spend when i dont have the money to. So i rather slack and learn to live without rather than working to earn money to buy stuff haha. But maybe it is a good time to change that now so at least i will start working and earn some money. Even if not for the sake of buying stuff, but at least for being able to go overseas during holidays... :/

So i actually decide to stop writing in the last paragraph, but after i went back top to decide on the topic, i am amazed on how far i have drag my writing into... -.-
I guess whenever i discuss stuff with my friends i will always be the one who will lead the topics elsewhere... :/

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