Sunday, May 14, 2006


Sigh... another week of probably doing data entry. I was hoping i can have a fresh new week start and the luxury of having my own time or i can finally start going swimming and clear up my room. I was thinking of rearranging the stuffs in my room and probably start revising my guitar a bit! It is really a bad start for the holidays where i do not really feel it is holidays at all. I am so jealous of people who have exciting activities to do because i'm just so lazy to participate in one... :/

How i missed the days of having nightly supper, fun raidings in WoW, doing pioneering and outdoor activites in scouts and playing games together with my friends. Probably this is just a small prelude to the working life, where it is hard to have a life at all? Without goals life is meaningless though there are reasons that can make life meaningful.

Finally after raiding for 1 year in WoW i finally got my Finkle Lava Dredger! It was my first dream weapon but because the drop rate is just so bad last time i got Staff of Dominance first. When will i get my double cautising band!

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