Monday, May 15, 2006


Have you ever wonder how sub-conscience works? Sometimes it seem that sub-conscience will either let you look at things as common sense or make you hesistant to do things. Just like how i hate to eat garlic, so when i know that some food has garlic in it i will be hesistant to eat it and conclude that the food will probably be horrible.

So why am i suddenly on this topic? I have been wondering what is the problem between my thinking and actions such that both does not match at all. Maybe it is my low risk taking kind of character has already been inside me for dunno since when and i am not likeable to any uncertainty. At the same time, i am somehow influence by some factors that life can be more interesting and exciting or even meaningful than the one i am living now. So is it the clash between my old self and my desires that makes me feel so weird.

I guess normal people all dislike uncertainty to some extent. I personally hate changes... that why i hate getting old... -.- Like in food, i do not need a variety of food really, i do not mind everyday eat the same food that i like. And my hairstyle, so far everytime i went to cut my hair i will always be very unhappy with the outcome whenever the hairstylist style my hair. I look in the mirror and keep thinking it is just plain ugly even though people tell me is ok.

Seem that as usual i always go a bit or rather off topic. But then, when one cant find an answer to problems, is it because one dunno the answer, or just refuse to believe in the answer.

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