Tuesday, May 16, 2006

World of JJ

On my way to buy lunch from Lot 1 today, i saw that works are being done in the shop at Choa Chu Kang Mrt station which used to be World of JJ. It seems that the shop no longer will operate there since everything has been removed. As with what i heard from my friend, even the World of JJ at Bishan Mrt station is gone a while back too.

World of JJ is where i used to go when i was playing Magic The Gathering and Pokemon trading card game when i was in secondary school and junior college. It is also a place where i come to know many more friends, though probably only left like 1 that i still go out regularly. As much as i feel that it is a money wasting game now, it did gave me plenty of good memories and fun back then.

As the years go by every fragment of life seem to slowly fade away. My primary school was totally tear down while my secondary school changed a lot too. While clearing my room today, i was thinking how i bought my clothes in the past. Everything just look so ugly after a few wash or maybe my taste just keep changing, even the size all seem so wrong. Probably this is the reason why i hate to buy clothes now since i will probably just dislike what i buy in the future. Now then i realise it is so hard to buy nice and fitting clothes.... -.-

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