Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bao Chang Hui

Manage to catch the bao chang hui at PS yesterday night and got to see Zhang Jing Xuan's performance woot! Though i missed like 1/3 of his performance but i'm just glad that the dinner never cause me to miss his performance. Manage to catch Guang Liang performance also though i missed Fan Yi Cheng one.

Quite fun to go watch this kind of outdoor event and best majority of the people who went are kids and all shorter and so i can see pass them muhaha! So my parents went to Thailand until next wednesday and so it's time to havoc! Not to say that i havent been havocing enough...~.~

I can slowly see my X-men cartoon episode slowly but surely finish downloading and i forsee a cartoon marathon! And i think it is time to start going shopping before the great Singapore sale ends... LFG shopping!

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