Thursday, June 22, 2006

Broadcast Asia 2006

This morning i went for Broadcast Asia 2006 at the expo with my father and sister. Apart from the Broadcast Asia, there was still 2 other exhibitions which are link, the communcation and something else i forgot. All the 3 exhibitions are showcasting the latest and yet to be release stuff in the industy, and of course the only thing i like to see are the handphones.

The new handphones i see from some of the brands are really familiar. The design seems to look like the older handphone model from other products. Furthermore some handphones design went to model after ipod and some digital cameras. I also got to see some handphones that were not sold in Singapore, especially those from Japan, where 1 handphone looks just like a TV remote control.

Just now while playing WoW in my room something surprised me. There are actually fireworks beside Lot1... apparently it's some closing ceremony that lasting until sunday. I wonder if more fireworks in the next few days. Sad to say i still cannot get the tickets to Zhang Jing Xuan ying yue hui on saturday...:/

Another matter just arrive to make me hesistant...:/ Sad~~~

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