Thursday, June 22, 2006

21/6 night

Met up with some of my army friends for dinner at Seoul Garden at Marina Square. I am not a fan of Seoul Garden and have not eaten there since secondary school when i occasionally went to jurong point to eat Seoul Garden with my friends, though the outlet at jurong point closed down already. I would say the choice of food there is quite limited and the BBQ is really bad with the oil all over the place. So i feel that it is expensive and the food is really like all meat only... ~.~

Then before i went out to meet my friends, i took the same lift with my dad when he was going for a swim. And he said this to me but in chinese :" Young people go out must dress nicer." Then i was like huh was he saying i'm wearing ugly clothes... -.- I was just dress casually, jean with polo T-shirt and shoes. But anyway... i'm finally exalted with wsg and just bought 2 epics! But sad to say it is time to grind cenarion circle reputation next...-.-

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