Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Almost the entire day of 21/6 was delicated to my effort to get my druid to wsg exalted before the new patch is out in order to get the new epic leg. However, in my attempt to forcefully get exalted in the shortest time, i only got so disappointed at the current state of my computer, connection and inbalance in WoW. All these factors really frustrates me as i cannot do anything much about them and all i can do is just to take a get it over with attitude.

Furthermore after respeccing my druid to feral first time since i started playing my druid really pissed me off because i have a talent that is not fully spec... -.- So i have this weird habit of ensuring all talent that i get must be full. Worse i miss all my balance talent and my dear innervate although i can get it for free tonight with the new patch. But i spent 75g to respec 2 times just because of the lack of tanks! And i still end up with some wrongly spent talent points... -.-!

Had Sakae sushi for dinner with my friend and end up with a bill of $63... woah quite expensive sia and dunno why so expensive lol.

500 reputation more to get my wsg exalted! Patch 1.11 incoming scourage invasion woot!

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