Monday, June 19, 2006

Pissed for no reason

How irritating to get pissed over somethings. But what is worse is you do not know what are you pissed about. So after i reached home today, i was feeling quite bad after waking up early and going down to my dad office and doing stuff that i wasnt informed beforehand and not to mention he just told his employee to bring me along on a delivery without even asking me. I was probably quite frustrated over it, especially the fact he just brought me there and kind of just left me alone there to read some stuff alone.

Not to mention i kana fly kite yet again by my dearest friend...-_-! But then again after i think back all these incidents i thought it is really some part and parcel of my daily life and i wasnt that pissed about it. However i am truly sick of having to fetch people around eg my dad to the airport always during the raiding time. I always hated last minute stuff although when i go out it will always be last minute.

I forsee either a crisis or light at the end of the tunnel soon when the new term starts.

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