Monday, June 19, 2006


Today i experienced another what i called the mystery of life... on how strangely things can turn out to be. What is meant to be an excuse eventually left the platform available. Despite so, i do not expect much as usual because i guess i have grown use to it. Every bit prove to be a surprise to me while missing it i will look forward to next. All these years have proven me wrong and i hope what i thought back then will continue to be wrong.

So i have finished reading Da Vinci Code and now watching the japanese drama Dragonzakura. I also chanced upon a documentary on CNA, The War on Science, where it talks about how Darwin's Theory of Evolution was receive by the Christian community initially and how later the theory of Intelligence came about. I always believe that if someone believe full-heartedly about certain issue, not even science can change a person's belief especially if it is only theory based. Most importantly, it is faith that fortify a person's beliefs and people always hope that there will be someone or some being out there that will always be able to lend a helping hand in time of crisis. So i wonder, which is more important? Believing in what you believe or making others believe in what you believe. Probably most will try to make other people believe the samething in order to prove that they are correct or they are sane... ~.~

It is so scary to see time slipping through my hand so fast. I start to feel that morning are the time that makes your day feel long while night-time will always seem so short.

And 张敬轩 is having a mini concert at 爱情海 on saturday and going for the 街头爆唱会 at Plaza Singapura on friday! Anyone interested to go!

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