Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Midnight WoWing

So i actually planned to write my review of the King and the Clown after watching it just now... but i got really frustrated after getting ganked by 2 hunters and losing to them for another 2 times. Dunno whether i'm pissed for losing to gimp hunters or just because i'm sick of pvping. I guess the importance of pvping no longer matters to me as much as before and i have been really rusty since no one keep fighting me unlike last time. However i believe eyes for an eye, so i corpse camped the 2 stupid hunters for dunno how long... -.-

Not to mention i came home to see my connection disconnected and within the next 2 hours i experienced 2 disconnection...-.- Btw to serve as a reminder... the St Louis pork ribs are not recommanded for future consumption.

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