Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The King and the Clown

Only read a brief storyline about the story and wanted to watch to seewhy it was the top Korean movie (same reason why i watched Brokeback Mountain). I must say that the movie is unconventional and as a result i liked it. At the start of the movie i was feeling quite bored as i find the performance put up by the jesters was kind of ridiculous.

But as i watch on i really feel that the characters development was really good, such that when you look at each individual character it is like they are their own leading actors and telling their story. Each character can be good or bad depending who you are looking from and the storyline is just nice, never go into unnecessary stuff and the best is the lack of sex scene lol unlike Brokeback Mountain.

The whole show is really like a entire tragedy show as seriously nothing good happen to anything of the character. Initially i thought the king was just under pressure and control, and after he gain control he will become a better king but the plot was otherwise. The pretty jester on the other hand is also 1 unlucky guy, his pretty face only brings him lust from other people without really benefitting him. And quite fun to notice that he is the only guy inside the movie without a beard heh. The other jester on the other hand is really quite a protective guy toward the pretty jester but sad to say all the tragedy is basically caused by his decisions.

Though a bit late now but i finally know what am i suppose to analysis in characters when studying literature during my secondary schools day lol. Though the movie is a bit crude, but i guess during ancient time people have nothing to do so they can only think about sex heh and so most show protraying older times always have the sex elements inside. The show is definitely an recommendation but not for people who only looking for cheap thrills.

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