Thursday, June 29, 2006

Politics and Human Relation

More drama in my guild Tempestas and i see more people dunno much about politics and human relation. To me, politics is about saying the right thing at the right time, while human relation is letting people know enough to maintain a good relationship.

The stupid thing i hate about WoW is you need 39 other people to raid end-game content with you. And because of this the guild needs people to come to raid, while people need a guild to raid with. However more often than not you will see problem of not enough raiders at time and at other there will be over-crowding. Some people dont see that people are motivated by loots and probably friendship or guild loyalty. But other than this the guild basically has no other major motivation for a player to stay in and neither has the officers have legaltimate rights over the members. This is where human relations play a major part to cover all gray areas where policies could never be able to cover.

Avoiding potential troubles are also what a politican should do and not just because you dont like it means that you can do what you want because in the end the impacts are felt all around.

And it is so obvious that so many people just hunger for loot but refuse to put in efforts. They only want to reap the rewards from other people efforts and keep complaining when they cannot get into raid that yield easy epics. But when it comes to trying new boss these people are always not around or somehow will be busy. Members should see that raid slots will automatically be given once you have proven yourself and bear in mind that there is only so many slots. Dramaing and trying to get slots in a full raid is just ridiculous and only bringing problems to raid leader.

So i actually want to post some of my thoughts on my guild forum but in the light of creating more drama i better not do so at the moment. Some people are really bad with dealing with others especially those who was already in guild when they just joined and forgot who helped them get their epic gears. On the other hand well geared people raid spot while getting ungeared members only make the raid harder.

It is just so strange that in the process of trying to achieve equality, some think that they need more power to maintain that equality while others think that equality comes without efforts.

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