Sunday, July 23, 2006

23/7 Sunday

Sundays marks the continuation of another new week, but lucky for me next week is still holiday. Next week is the start of my bidding for my modules for next semester, up till now i have not look through or decide what other modules i intend to take. Well, like 3 weeks more to the start of new semester i hope i can enjoy the rest of my holidays in peace!

I just bought a new japanese drama call Byakuyakou but i guess i will leave it for another time after i finishing watching it.

Well there was this show on CNA about the reign of terror, which is on hostage tv, which involved terrorists holding hostages and taking video of them to threaten their country to give in to their demands. A few incidents were highlighted in the show like the Moscow theater and the Russian school incident. So many innocent civilians died in such incidents with the terrorists themselves dying in the process too. It is really such a vicious cycle, terrorists kill people to try to get their goals, they get killed by soldiers, more terrorists are trained to kill again. Apparently all this killings has no end, even if we killed the terrorists we are murderers just like the terrorists. Some may beg to differ, that terrorists kill to achieve their aims while civilisations kill to protect. It is really a thin line to justify the use of violence against civilians. If i was given the power to kill all the terrorists that threaten the peace of the world, i wonder if i would do it, then what is the differences between me and the terrorists that seek to destroy lives that are ever so precious.

While watching the show, i was eating my dinner then dunno for what reason a building up hiccups just totally throw my stomach into total chaos and i start to vomit out all the food that i ate so far. I almost don't remember how painful is it to vomit and how your stomach muscle contracts or expands or whatever.

So my night in WoW was preoccupied with talks on why healers should not get damage gears and this is stopping the guild progression. I seriously hate the way that damage dealers seek to think that healers have nothing to do other than healing in WoW. Obviously most of the time healers are suppose to just heal in raids, but where do we get all our money and potions from? We need damage gears to farm and do whatsoever. And it is plain stupid to level an alternate to just farm when you wasted like dunno how long just to level. Seriously, unlike tanks or healers, most dps (damage dealers) does not play an important role for more encounters. Most encounters does not see how fast you do damage, but rather how well your tanks and healers play, only some encounters like vael or ragnaros can the dps really matters, and even in vael overaggroing is a big no no. I spent so much dkp to get +healing gear just to heal better in raid while the dps are whining priests are fighting with them over +dmg gear when they themselves refuse to spend the dkp to get it! For goodness sake if you are so stingy about paying, you do not deserve to get it! Since for your information, i do not find dps ever so important as compared to healers. There are tonnes of dpsers out there and healers always get blame for a lot of things which makes the turn over rate so high. You guys can just compare how much dmg you can do and have all your fun while we ARE SUPPOSE TO JUST HEAL!

Seriously don't be retarded. If we are just suppose to heal, blizzard will not be giving damage spells to healers and maybe design like DAOC where tanks, dps and healers can't do without each other no matter in leveling, doing instance or pvping. You bloody dps at least have your own tier set which at least give some decent +dmg stuff while the healers have none at all. We healers played a more important part in progression as compared to you and whether you like it or not you can bloody well know your position or just raid by yourself. All we are asking is to have a fair chance to use our dkp to bid for whatever we want but no it is some dps to thinks that since they are suppose to do damage they should have priorities to get all the dmg gear. Even though i am for progression and think that +dmg gears should be won by the dps, but efforts put in cannot be undermined. If you are a dps and have been raiding for a long time you will have the dkp to bid for the uber dmg gear. It is the same for the healers, if i have been raiding for so long who are you to stop me from getting my rewards. Like in the druid forums, there are plenty of complains on how dps only complains about getting no heals and being refused to get loots to boost their damage side. Should the guild ever become such kind of guild, no i will not leave the guild which i have said last time i will never leave because it is a legacy, but rather all the dpsers can just go raid on your own.

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