Monday, July 24, 2006


This must be one of the most dsyfunctional show that i ever watched, at least a japanese drama. The main story behind the drama is how 2 children trying to cover up the murder of the boy's father by the boy and in the attempt continued to harm more people in the cover up as the story progesses through their live.

The story in all from the start is just another sad soap opera, but pity it reflects a regression type of telling the story, so you kind of know what kind of ending the show will be. The boy like the girl while the girl was sexually use by the boy father. The boy killed his father after witnessing him taking nude photos of the girl while the girl stage an act to make her mother the murderer and killed her mother. After that incident they lived their life as stranger while trying to cover up the murder case, while in the meantime trying to give each other happiness through their own ways, which involve more murders, rapes and corruption.

And i must say that the use of soundtracks for drama is really effective. It generates a lot of listeners for the song and probably after the entire drama you will like the song if you actually like the drama. So the theme song for this drama.

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