Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bus Seats

Notice something while taking bus to town today, that the seats are all so short! I notice this because i was having such a uncomfortable time trying to stretch my legs and still being able to lie on the seat with my head.

Then while walking along Orchard Road i saw the Hippo Bus, the one that brings tourists around for sightseeing at like what $23 for adults and $13 for children? And the thing i notice that the backing for all the seats are all so high! (Well because the seats are on the 2nd floor and open air that why i can see!)

Then i remembered that the public buses in Hong Kong, at least the double-deckered ones all have high seats too. So as usual, the grass over the other sides is always better, therefore Singapore bus suck! They do realise that there are tall Singaporeans too? Not to mention that i am only having an average fight, i cannot imagine what those really tall people do to endure the small seats and space.

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