Sunday, July 02, 2006


Issit true that our phase as a child or teenager is the phase that we are more likely to get influence by external factors? I used to think that this was the case and up till now i still think that i was able to maintain my thoughts without external influence back when i was younger.

But now i feel that i'm always affected so easily by things around me, probably to the extent of able to write a script out of anything. So is it just me or there are external factors that cause this.

So i'm still searching for something that happened before and trying to remember why was i the way i am back then. But then again some part in me just trying to convince myself that well, people do change over time, for better or worse.

I'm a person of reasons, however certain things might irrational and not within the limits of reasoning. Probably i have too confuse reason with excuse, or have i just been thinking too much to confuse myself and to oversight any reasoning.

I always thought that looking at things from a 360 degrees point of view will ensure that you get a clearer picture. However i start to think that sometimes it is better to be stupid and narrow-minded. In the end... what is the point...

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