Monday, July 03, 2006

Superman Returns

Watched Superman Returns at cineleisure last night and the result was... *drums roll* another franchise movie just crashed yet again. I'm not exactly a fan of superman and rarely watch the cartoon series though i used to watch Louis and Clarke last time when my sister used to watch. Even now i don't remember... does TV actually show any superman series?

I only remember seeing the Justice League which showcast superman and some other super heroes. The movie was kind of boring... or maybe because i was quite tired when i went to watch the movie. I thought the movie will be another kind of super hero movie, where there will be some evil plot by some villian and the super hero will be there to save the day. So the movie also cover this part, though the entire saving the world thing was like 1/4 of the show? On the other hand, since the movie is titled Superman Returns, and the trailers on radio also like show until like there is some big story behind why he left, but well... the entire big story was covered in like 3 minutes?

So what is the story actually about? Hmm... come to think of it i only remember the news inside the show keep showing on how he flew all over the world and saving people. So the movie was kind of corny and without any climax, the development of the plot was so brief and the plot was solve so abruptly, such that probably there isn't much main plot of the movie. Rather it is really like watching episode of cartoons with different story plot that feels like it only lasted 10 minutes each.

And strange to sad, i thought the producers of such franchise show will always find the most appealing cast for such big production, i am amazed to see that the Louis inside the show was kind of... err... not impressive? But i must say that the little kid inside the show was more of the better performer, or maybe the show most of the light-hearted scenes was made such that he was inside. All in all the show... well still can watch just for the kick because it is superman afterall.

And at the end of the morning, after going back to the outdoor carpark to get the car, i realise why the carpark beside Somerset Mrt got so many parking lots while the one behind was full. There was so much bird shits on the car despite being so late and probably all the birds there were sleeping. Reminder to myself... that carpark is 1 place never to park there when going orchard.

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