Thursday, July 13, 2006

More memories

After feeling like posted so many strange posts, i think i better write something more understandable. I dunno if the future me will still remember this point of time, but i want to remember the time i had after i Orded, my first semester in NUS, my first short holiday and my holiday trips with my friends.

Somethings i want to forget, like why i keep getting bad results for my studies, why the lecturers suck in NUS, why there are so many foreign students in my faculty and why i don't understand what i need to study anymore.

So if i ever look back again, please remember to work hard in the coming semester and manage my time better! Why i feel that 1 day is so long last time because last time i woke up so early but now by the time i wake up half a day almost gone, not to mention i always raid at night. So will i push my timetable for next semester until it is like my school timetable last time?

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