Thursday, July 20, 2006

World view

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Well, after a little break from blogging i'm back to do some writing to ensure that my brain does not only function when playing WoW. So much things happened recently, but good to say i'm still alive and haven't gone crazy just yet. It is always during times when i'm full of thoughts that i will be lazy to blog and the times when i have nothing worthy to blog and i will start crapping.

So in case anyone is living in their little own world, the world is on the blink of wars in the Middle East and with North Korea. Sad to say that after dunno how many thousands of years, the human race are still fighting each other and progress at how many people they can kill in a short time. Israel started attacking Lebanon and Palestine after their soldiers were kidnapped by militants while the militants continued to blast Israelis cities. Seriously the lack of restraints on the Israelis by the world community just shows how unfair the United Nations is when dealing with the Middle East issue. Then again after so many generations of wars in the Middle East, so many arab kids grew up only to hate the Israelis and recruited to do sucide mission and to kill poor Israeli citizens.

In the end, those who suffered are the ones who are left behind to deal with the aftermath, not those who died. The ordinary citizens have to bear the consequence of actions taken by the militants and the government, while they themselves serve their so called worthy cause. It is seriously just sad how the decisions made by a few man can cause so many people to die or be displaced.

North Korea is another horrible case where unfairness can be reflected so obviously. The westerners stand towards North Korea have been nothing close to pushing them to accept their demands while the North Korea leader develops weapon of mass destruction rather than dealing with starvation. There is nothing wrong with developing weapons for national security, but when you send a missile flying over some people's country, obviously people will panic.

Well maybe i should end all these world issues. It is just so depressing when you watched CNA during lunch time and all you see are disasters news and conflicts between countries.

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