Thursday, July 20, 2006

Going in the opposite direction

Certain things tend to go in the opposite direction as what people intended to be, and this is apparently especially true if related to human being. Well an easier way to say is people just like to not do what they are told to do, or even do the opposite things. I guess everyone experienced this before, the more someone tells you to do something, the more you don't want to do or even to the extent of going against it.

Seriously i don't really do whatever my parents tell me to, i don't study when i need to, don't work when i'm suppose to, play games when i shouldn't be and spend money when i should be saving. There is always an urge to go against the trend and i just refuse to do something common.

Maybe it is just the underdog mindset; well the kind where you will wants the unpopular to win over the popular choices. The reason why i can actually accept things like gay or lesbian is just because of the amount of unfair treatment they get by the general public, or why i actually hate some church so much because of they keep saying how you must go church in order to heaven?

But then again there are those who seriously deserved to get flame for what they do. Narrow-mindedness and unfairness is the root of all evils in our society. When i was serving my NS, i came to think that well the world was actually created equally among mankind, because if the world is not fair, i would have somehow call down a comet and destroyed Pulua Tekong. Rather it is mankind who misplaced their trust with some crazy mad man and gave them power over other people.

Power + Equality != possible = !utopia = keep_fighting

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