Friday, July 07, 2006

Trip to the dentist

I went to see the dentist earlier this morning to wash my teeth and for a checkup. This is probably my first appointment with the dentist since primary school? Well maybe not that long, since i went for repeated visits for my swollen gums when i was in secondary school and the FFI before i enlisted and when i was about to ORD.

I am just surprised that i was not told of any problem during the FFIs, but after going to the dentist just now, the dentist sounded like my teeth are all decaying... -.- So i wonder, my teeth got worse so fast within a year or the NS dentist didn't check anything at all.

And after so long i still hate the dentist experience, especially with all the grinding and drilling like stuff. But the filling was really painful... not the typical pain but rather the aching kind of pain that send shivers through my body. And to think that pain is not the only thing i get from dentist, the bill was painful also heh. It cost $45 for washing and $45 for filling... so total bill for the treatment was $90... -_-! And the worse part is i have to go back to get dunno how many more filling for my teeth, and each time it is going to cost another $45 each. Omg less money available for shopping before school reopen...:/

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