Monday, July 10, 2006

9/7 Sunday

Went for Sini's graduation ceremony at NUS cultural centre yesterday and she is the first among us to graduate... good luck for the working life... :p

After the ceremony went to Sushi Tei at Holland Village for dinner, conclusion... thumbs up as compared to places like Sakae and Genki sushi because the salmon has so much more quality. And not to mention the salmon don is cheaper!... :D

Went to watch Recycle at Lot 1 after dinner and as usual, chinese movie suck. Not to mention that i hate to watch horror shows, especially those that use cheap thrills to scare you suddenly or using disgusting stuff. The storyline was quite ok at first but the attempt at the twist at the end is really weak and well... devastasting. But the theme of the movie is quite interesting, that there is a space where things we abandon will go there, even things that we did not do and not necessary need to be real items.

So ends the post on a more interesting day of my otherwise boring life. The rest i don't want to remember to think about.

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