Wednesday, August 09, 2006

8/9 National Day

They say that Leopard will never change their spots, but it is worse when the spots are stupidity written all over you. This is just like how i realised that i actually told myself before never ever am i going to eat the St Louis Port Ribs at Cafe Cartel after i ate it quite long ago. But you know what, i ended up telling myself again this because i forgot i ever told myself before. So if you ever want to stay the same? Please try not to keep the stupidity part because the feeling of getting into the same situation that you hate so much is just so stupid.

And one thing i hate so much is a bloated stomach, especially when it is around meal times. So i stick to having my meals religiously with the exception of breakfast, even though i am not hungry, and probably will end up hungry later because i ate quite early. Here i am, having a filled stomach with my lunch outside waiting for me.

So unlucky the 2 extra modules that i am bidding are costing me so many points from my general account. It is 1 day to the end of the open bidding and start of the close bidding, i probably will end up dumping all my points in my general account to ensure that i will confirm get the 2 modules hopefully, because seriously the minimum are both approaching what i am bidding and yes i am running out of points.

Question of the day : Will my module EE2010 and EE2012 be totally webcasted and thus freed up their slots in my timetable?

Thought of the day : Overnight majong can be so boring especially when there are no external entertainment.

Oh by the way i will be observing the zero during the National Day parade haha. If got see i will tell you and maybe you will not feel that bad... :p

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