Sunday, August 13, 2006

Last few days of my holiday

Went to see the last night of the Fireworks Festival and i must say that the firworks put up by the French was really impressive. So i didn't see the other 3 shows nor the National Day Parade fireworks, but i am still think the French fireworks was outstanding and really pretty. The crowd that turned up to see the fireworks was also amazingly huge, which really make any form of air-conditioning useless with so many people. I guess this kind of crowd is what it feels like you Singapore ever have a mass street protest heh.

Found one relatively cheap restaurant at Suntec City, must be new since i never see it before in recent weeks anyway. The best part is there is no service charge even thoughit is not self-service and the food came really fast. The price is kind of like MOS Burger or Burger King price though there were others like $10. Not to mention that the drinks are free flow, which includes orange juice and peach tea i believe, and a range of coffee. The service is quite good too and the food is not too bad. The restaurant is call Just Noodles and it serves Japanese, Korean, Asian and some Western food.

And something that i found out about the module Introduction to World Religion... is that under the module information it reveals that there will be a test that is a 2000 words essay. Even my Critical Thinking project only requires 1500 words... i really wonder what is the requirements for my new essay, not to mention it is going to be another academic paper.

To celebrate the starting of school, apparently my eye decided to catch an infection and now i have a swollen left eye. The last time i got this infection was quite recent too i think, at least within one year and it got well by itself... though i forgot how many days it took to recover. At least this time i went to see the doctor and got an eyedrop and a cream to apply. I always hate the feeling to use eyedrop and whenever needed, it will always be my mom who help me apply. But at least this time i got myself to apply the eyedrop myself since i need to apply three times a day.

Tomorrow is my first day of school, but i only need to go for school for one hour lecture on monday, so the rest of the days will be spent on buying textbooks and printing notes and what's not. As usual, i pray for a peaceful semester and hope i can buck up more in my studies, at least i hope i can understand what is being taught or else i will just hate to do any studies. But first thing to do in the upcoming semester, learn to watch up early and sleep early since my school start at 8 am 3 out of 5 days. Despite i feel that the 3 months holiday i had was a bit too much, i decided not to complain too much about it since it will be so fan jian ^^

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