Monday, August 14, 2006

First day of school

A good way to start the first day of school is to have a short day and able to go home early. But a bad way to start a new semester is to burn $100+ on my textbooks. I woke up this morning at 6.30am and thought to myself why the hell am i awake so early in the morning, until i remembered that i am suppose to go to school today. Having to take bus early in the morning with all the students brought back fond memories of my secondary school and junior college life.

The only 1 hr lecture that i had today was Analytical Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering which was just an introduction lecture. Well... it was definitely not a peaceful start to my semester after the lecturer explain how the experiments are suppose to be carried out. We are suppose to get into groups of 1 to 10 members and carry out research on some strange topic, which he used whether Singaporeans like apple or banana more as an example. Great... i don't know anyone in the lecture since most of the people i knew in first year from my class seems to be in a different lecture group or in computer engineering. And what the hell the difference in solo work up to a group of 10 people, and the end grade is based on your effort or what? So i thought we are suppose to bid for laboratory slots and now we need to form groups like a project work... damn i should vote for lesser percentage toward my overall grade from experiments, not that it matters since majority voted 20% for experiments. Ok... so in 3 weeks time i need to somehow find someone from somewhere to form a group or well... i guess i will have to do solo experiments... not that i mind though... just not sure how heavy will be the workload.

After spending almost 1 whole afternoon preparing for my lectures tommorrow, all i can see are stuff related to modules that i took previous semesters, and both modules happen to be the ones that i got C+ each -.- I seriously have not much idea what is going on or remember much... guess i'll have to keep reading before each lecture to ensure i know what is going on.

And while balloting for my tutorial slots today, i realise that there are actually slots available for Singapore Society, a module that i wanted to get but got outbidded. Seem like someone drop the module halfway but there was only 2 vacancies, but the minimum bid is like 1247? I mean what the hell some idiot year 3 or year 4 bidded so much for one 1000+ module, does this means that this module is easy to score? Oh well i don't have so much points to bid against these crazy people, though probably they will retract their bid last minute.

Well it is fun to focus on studying again and hope that i can keep it up, not just the first afternoon. Slowly understand and endure and don't waste my money in buying all the textbooks... -.-

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