Monday, August 21, 2006

EE2012 Experiments

Today i sent an email asking question about the experiments grouping for EE2012 which read :

For the experiments we are suppose to get into groups of 1 to 10. My question is whether the groups will do the same experiments, eg it will be harder for the group of 1 to complete his experiment reports as compared to the group of 10 or it will be scale according to the group size. Thanks.

And the reply :

No scaling. The scope & the grading is independent of the no of students doing the experiment in a group.

Which i feel is really strange since it is kind of unfair that a group of 1 is doing the same thing as a group of 10? Though there are advantages with doing solo since you can do whenever you want and no need to match timetable of any sort while a group of 10 is going to get really messy with meeting up. But still allowing such big disparity is really quite ridiculous. Hmm... wonder if i should find someone to do with me or just do solo experiment.

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