Thursday, August 24, 2006


Just watched this movie, Sophie Scholl, which is a german film about the days before the execution of this girl named Sophie Scholl for spreading anti-Nazi leaflets on university campus. The whole story which i feel evolved around 2 ideas, that is pro-Nazi which many believed or have been brain-washed to think that Hitler will bring victory to Germany while on the other hand some other people like Sophie thinks that Hitler is just leading the Germans to more destruction.

With 2 groups of people believing in their own faith, they either willingly risked their life just to spread their ideas or able to throw the life of another to protect their beliefs. And this seems so scary that as much as how much we value life, some can just believe in something that they value above themselves. What is even more scary is that some people believe in something that makes them commit horrible crimes like mass killings of other fellow humans.

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