Saturday, August 26, 2006


2nd lecture of Introduction to World Religion and the lecture is on Judaism, which is kind of the religion of Jews. Apart from the different practices of Judaism which the lecture didn't cover at all, probably requires me to go read up myself, the point that is stress in the lecture is the notion that Jews are waiting for the Messiah to appear, to deliver them from suffering as what God has promise in the convenant between God and Abraham.

Apparently this notion of waiting for someone to deliver them from suffering is what i would call hope, that everyone in the world hope that some being of greater existence will be able to help each individuals in whatever they do. But after reading through the textbook, it really sounds like the Jews are really depised by many throughout their history and always ill-treated. What i am more impressed is that during the founding of Israel they managed to survive the threat from the Arab world despite having so little people. I mean i cannot imagine Singapore getting invaded by Malaysia and Indonesia together, which is like how Israel got invaded from all sides just a population lesser than Singapore.

Not to mention that the negative feelings towards the Jews not only came from the Arab world, but many people especially the Christians have negative feelings toward the Jews as well. From what i have read, apparently during the medival period towards the 20th century, Jews often were force to convert to Christianty or have to leave the country, which always made me think Christians always like to convert people to their religion so "religious", you know sometimes there will be people coming up to you and talk to you about Jesus etc.

Since i am at the topic of Messiah, how i wonder will a Messiah actually appear while i live.

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