Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More study problem

After reading the outline for the requirements of my Introduction to World Religion essay, i seriously think i'm in big shit.

1. What role does Information and Communication Technology (ICT) play in religion? How significantly do advances in the dissemination and consumption of information affect the lives of the faithful today? Analyse the impact of ICT by comparing how the issue is manifested in TWO religions we are studying in this module.

2. How important is food in religion today? To what extent is one’s diet an expression of one’s religiosity? How so? Discuss this question by comparing the specific culinary issues of TWO religions we are studying in this module.

3. What is the relationship between nationalism and religion? Are these two complementary to each other? Or do they contradict each other? By using specific examples, discuss this question by comparing TWO religions we are studying in this module.

These are the only threee questions that i'm suppose to do and frankly none of the three questions interest me at all. I have not much idea on Nationalism and food is definitely not my cup of tea. The guidelines are like 9 pages long and this is going to be another academic paper, which i'm not good at writing.

Well... 4th weeks of my semester and everything suck. I have problem relating the different notations used by the lecturer and textbook. Worse, with my EE2012 module i totally have no idea what questions they are asking or how to start. All the modules are like maths module and all related to MA1506, which i didn't study much... :/ Time for a 8am-5pm timetable without any breaks tommorrow... >.<

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