Friday, September 01, 2006

Thought of this week lectures

Some interesting stuff that i heard from my lecturers during this week lecture.

1st, what does an engineer do really?

Lecturer : Engineers' job is to solve problems, but the bad thing is after solving 1 big problems they create 2 more smaller problems. But this isn't a bad thing since this ensure that engineers to stay employed and therefore we are clever.

Me :

2nd, 1 small passage for the lecture on Introduction to World Religion on Christianity totally explain my bad experience with preachers of the faith.

Powerpoint Slide : When i was a kid i prayed to God for a bike. My mom overheard me and she said, " That's not how God works." So i thought about it, stole a bike, and prayed for forgiveness."

Well... at least half of my lectures isn't that boring.

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