Monday, October 30, 2006

The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia is based on the unsolved murder case of Elizabeth Short in 1947 in California. This movie shall go down in history as the first movie (i think) that i have no idea on what is going on during the duration of the movie, such that watching it becomes so stressful and made my brain go totally blank. The movie is so bloody gross, because the nature of the murder itself was horrible.

Elizabeth Short was cut at the waist, which means that her upper and lower body was separated, and her mouth was slit from both side across the face. The movie kind of show a replica of the murdered body, but the most disturbing part is when she was shown being murdered, with the mouth being slit. So i came home, knowing part of the storyline after my friend explained to me, and went to google on Elizabeth Short. Then i realise that the movie was kind of fictional because the murderer was never found. More impressive is that some website actually show the pictures of the severed body then, but i never dare to click the link to look at it. So if anyone dares, go to and there are various links to see the dead body. Goodness, even the picture of her look so eerie.

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