Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Busy and tiring week

Been and going to be a really tiring and busy week. I have like 3 tests this week, need to finish debugging my circuit, finish report for my circuit and present by next tuesday, 1 more test in 2 weeks time and report for my 2012 experiment due in another 2 weeks, before the starting of the reading week.

My circuit prove to be more than i expected, spending a lot of time due to the lack of planning and understanding. My concept in connecting the circuit was wrong to begin with, only during the debugging session did i realise that. Somehow i always restart doing the whole circuit once i realise that my concept is wrong, so i end up doing redoing my circuit for like 4 times? I spent so much time thinking about how to do the circuit until i feel like vomitting from over-thinking, such that the more i think the more giddy i feel. Luckily with a stroke of luck i manage to get my circuit working after spending another 3 hours in the lab today, though there is some work left to be done. Sad to say that my circuit look so ugly and different from what i want it to be, but well... who cares as long as it works and i can get good marks for it.

Today while doing my circuit in the lab i was made to 'showcase' my incomplete circuit to a bunch of visiting Japanese kids from the Japanese primary school. Luckily i know how to make my circuit produce some light, or it will be such an embarassing situation. Finally able to get some peace to relax for a while tonight, then have to go study for my VDHL test.

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