Friday, November 03, 2006


I just submitted my application for 3rd year SEP a few days back. I think my CAP is a bit low to compete with others, so i chose those university that has the most space as my first 2 choice. So my choices are as follow:

Choice Name of Partner University Intended NUS Semester of Exchange
1 Helsinki University of Technology 2
2 Eindhoven University of Technology 2
3 University of Hong Kong 1
4 Simon Fraser University 1
5 Technical University of Denmark 2

Helsinki is in Finland, Eindhoven is in The Netherlands and Simon Fraser is in Canada while the other two should be obvious. The first 2 choices are kind of my hopefully easier to get in university since my sister advised me that Northern European countries less people will apply since they are generally not english speaking, even though their textbooks are in english and basically the cost of living is higher. Hong Kong is in because i thought it will be fun to study in Hong Kong, but i probably must improve my cantonese. Simon Fraser is in because i just want to try my luck for a english speaking country, while Denmark is in because there are more than average slot available too.

Eitherway i feel that as long as the university is taught in english and the people generally can speak english and will speak english, it is better to go for SEP in a non-english speaking country, then hopefully i can learn new language^^.

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