Sunday, October 15, 2006

Death Note

Caught Death Note the movie at Vivocity yesterday, and i must say that i am kind of disappointed with the movie. I'm not sure if the movie is boring to me because i know the story plot, or rather i am disappointed with the adaption of the comic. But if anything that i can take out of this movie, is that movie adapted from any books or comic etc, need not follow entirely on how the story goes, but rather just reflect on the essence of the publication. This is to mean is the detail of how the story goes need not be exactly the same as the book, but the end result is all that matters.

This is to say that the movie did not follow exactly how the story develop in the comic, so i wondered if people who did not read the comic would be able to follow the storyline. But then again, if everything is exactly the same what is the point in watching something that i know what is going to happen next? But obviously there are many reason why i would want to see this movie. The actor behind Kira, Tatsuya Fujiwara is one of my favourite Japanese actors, though i like his acting i am not sure whether he is the best person to play Raito. The next most important factor to watch this movie is to watch 'L'. The movie portrayal of this character is excellent, to the extent of whatever small details in the comic are almost covered entirely. But all in all, because 'L' came out a bit late so the starting was rather boring and slow. But then again, it's Death Note, and even now when i am reading the chinese version of the comic instead of the english one that i read before, i am still getting the excitiment in reading the comic, something that the movie somehow is unable to bring out. Still, i think it is a great movie as the story plot is not your usual kind of movie.

Rating of the cinema in Vivocity... first of all the location is well not too bad, at least going by MRT is nearer than Orchard, but there is just plain too many people in Vivocity, such that the walkway are all so crowded. And the cinema is not as comfortable as compared to Cineleisure (which is my favourite cinema) because all the seats are kind of designed for your to sit upright, who will still up straight throughout when watching a movie -.- . The place is not entirely completed and the exit route was not properly labelled and ended up exiting at some construction site by the side of Vivocity.

Still, as much as i think the movie is not up to my standard, i still look forward to the next sequel of Death Note, which will release in Nov in Japan, and probably be in Singapore next year.

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