Monday, October 23, 2006

Noble Truth of Life

This week lecture on Buddhism is almost one of the lectures that i really look forward to after reading about Buddhism from my textbook. This noble truth about life is that life is full of suffering is kind of bugging me for a while, such that after the lecture, which relate a bit to the matrix, kind of confuses me. My post on the forum :

So one of the Noble Truth about Buddhism is that life is full of suffering. If that is the case, if one is enlightened, such that he realises that life is full of suffering, compared to someone who is ignorant about life, does one live better as compared to the other in spiritually since both will live a life that is full of suffering.

Or rather does the one who is enlightened takes things easier as compared to the other, especially in issue like death. Of course enlightenment will also include the understanding on how to eliminate suffering by removing misguided desire, thus one can argue that he will live a better life as compared to the ignorant one.

But still i don't see how ignorance can be a bliss, unless of course like in the matrix one is living a luxury life.

So being enlightened is to look through everything in front of you is a lie, such that you must remove desire in order to see through the lies. But considering the society is shape in such a way that you will be trapped forever inside such lies without no way of getting out. Somehow if desires are removed, would one not live a boring life? After reading my thoughts i also think it is kind of messy... probably because religion are meant to be messy.

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