Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And the answer is

The answer to what you might ask. Well this question was raise by my dad when he was deciding on which MPV to buy among the different brands of car, and this is probably my first time i actually seriously looked at the function and whether the different cars are good. The impression i had is that Korean cars are not as good as Japanese cars because they are more fuel intensive. So among the Japanese cars are more prominent brands like Honda, Toyota and Mazda.

So the question is, why almost all car agents actually don't like Mazda, and give the impression that they are not as good as the other two. The answer was somehow answered where we collected our Mazda 5 last weekend, where i find the result of the car was somehow quite funny.

The issue we really had was that the spare car tyre is not original, that is different from the ones that the car is currently using. The agents explained to us that this is the 'new' technology that all cars use now, that is in case of a punctured tyre, you change to this probably lousier spare tyre and drive to a workshop immediately to get it changed. Wow, what a lame idea just to cut cost on the spare tyre. Well... fine with this 'new' technology, but the funnier thing is, the compartment where you keep your spare tyre, is not big enough to fit the original tyre because the original is thicker than the spare tyre, and the compartment is not deep enough to store it. So end up when you need to store your original tyre, the back seats have to be kept in order to keep the tyre.

Such design definitely does not make any sense to me. So next time when buying car, such ridiculous details have to bear in mind to look out in the design of the car.

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