Monday, November 13, 2006

I want to fly

Even though i have a feeling that i will not get any of my choices for my SEP, but guess what this is the time where your feeling will be wrong! In fact not only my application for SEP is successful, and i was allocated my first choice, Helsinki University of Technology. Well, there is a reason why it was my first choice anyway, because as i said earlier, it has the most slots and probably a more expensive place to go for SEP. Furthermore, i just realise 1 of my project mates is actually got the same university as me, what a concidence! Well, this is what i call fate haha.

Anyway, i just know that one of my friends actually sold his World of Warcraft account for $1200! Omg that is so much of money, and that really tempted me to try to sell my druid too. I'm kind of can't bear to sell my account, therefore i just put my account up for sale on yahoo auction, and if anyone offers more $1000, probably i might just sell it and buy myself a better computer. Well... if anyone interested, the link to my first ever created auction is I also feel that the price is a bit high, but then again, just to try my luck and you might never know.

Really suck to be still rushing through project reports and presentation at the last week of school. Suddenly realise that this semester didn't went as well as i hoped, even through i started the semester with lots of energy to be hardworking, somehow energy is never meant to last long. Last few laps to complete the race, and i need to pull my CAP up to 3.5 so i can apply for NUS SEP awards!

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