Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mmorpg test

A online test that determine what type of character you are in the online world taken from Digital Life.


The percentages listed below are your approximate percentile ranks generated from a sample of 3200 MMORPG gamers. In other words, a 50% means half of your peers scored lower than you and the other half scored higher than you, while a 10% means that your score was lower than 90% of your peers. Some people may intuitively feel that 50% is a very high score, but in fact 50% is perfectly normal and average. If you left any questions blank in the survey, they were replaced by the mean score for that response.

How To Interpret Scores:
There are 3 main motivation components - Achievement, Socializing, and Immersion - each which has several subcomponents. For the most part, average scores (between 40% - 60%) aren't very interesting. Most gamers have several low scores and several high scores and it is these that reveal the preferences and dislikes of a gamer. The graphs below list your subcomponent scores and the main component scores.

The Achievement Component:

Advancement: Gamers who score high on this subcomponent derive satisfaction from reaching goals, leveling quickly and accumulating in-game resources such as gold. They enjoy making constant progress and gaining power in the forms offered by the game - combat prowess, social recognition, or financial/industrial superiority. Gamers who score high on this subcomponent are typically drawn to serious, hard-core guilds that can facilitate their advancement. Your percentile rank is 86% on this subcomponent.

Mechanics: Gamers who score high on Mechanics derive satisfaction from analyzing and understanding the underlying numerical mechanics of the system. For example, they may be interested in calculating the precise damage difference between dual-wielding one-handed swords vs. using a two-handed sword, or figuring out the resolution order of dodges, misses, and evasions. Their goal in understanding the underlying system is typically to facilitate templating or optimizing a character that excels in a particular domain. Your percentile rank is 83% on this subcomponent.

Competition: Gamers who score high on this subcomponent enjoy the rush and experience of competing with other gamers on the battlefield or economy. This includes both fair, constrained challenges - such as dueling or structured PvP/RvR, as well as unprovoked acts - such as scamming or griefing. Gamers who score high on this subcomponent enjoy the power of beating or dominating other players. Your percentile rank is 84% on this subcomponent.

The Socializing Component:

Chat: Gamers who score high on this subcomponent enjoy meeting and getting to know other gamers. They like to chit-chat and gossip with other players as well as helping out others in general - whether these be less-experienced players or existing friends. Gamers who score high on this subcomponent are typically drawn to casual, friendly guilds. Your percentile rank is 69% on this subcomponent.

Relate: Gamers who score high on this subcomponent are looking to form sustained, meaningful relationships with others. They do not mind having personal and meaningful conversations with others that touch on RL issues or problems. They typically seek out close online friends when they need support and give support when others are dealing with RL crises or problems. Your percentile rank is 79% on this subcomponent.

Teamwork: Gamers who score high on Teamwork enjoy working and collaborating with others. They would rather group than solo, and derive more satisfaction from group achievements than from individual achievements. Gamers who score low on this subcomponent prefer to solo and find it extremely important to be self-sufficient and not have to rely on other gamers. They typically group only when it is absolutely necessary. Your percentile rank is 88% on this subcomponent.

The Immersion Component:

Discovery: Players who score high on Discovery enjoy exploring the world and discovering locations, quests or artifacts that others may not know about. They enjoy traveling just to see different parts of the world as well as investigating physical locations (such as dungeons and caves). They enjoy collecting information, artifacts or trinkets that few others have. Your percentile rank is 22% on this subcomponent.

Role-Playing: Players who score high on Role-Playing enjoy being immersed in a story through the eyes of a character that they designed. These players typically take time to read or understand the back-story of the world as well as taking time to create a history and story for their characters. Also, they enjoy role-playing their characters as a way of integrating their character into the larger ongoing story of the world. Your percentile rank is 22% on this subcomponent.

Customization: Players who score high on this subcomponent enjoy customizing the appearance of their characters. It is very important to them that their character has a unique style or appearance. They like it when games offer a breadth of customization options and take time to make sure that their character has a coherent color scheme and style. Your percentile rank is 56% on this subcomponent.

Escapism: Gamers who score high on Escapism use the environment as a place to relax or relieve their stress from the real world. These players may use the game as a way to avoid thinking about their RL problems or in general as a way to escape RL. Your percentile rank is 42% on this subcomponent.

Overall Assessment:

The graph above is a visualization of your 3 main motivation components. Your Achievement percentile rank is 90%. Your Socializing percentile rank is 86%. And your Immersion percentile rank is 25%.

Because this overall assessment graph collapses the underlying subcomponents, your subcomponent charts above may be more visually indicative and revealing of your gaming preferences. This is especially true for players who scored extremely high on 2 Immersion subcomponents and extremely low on the other 2 Immersion subcomponents. In the overall assessment, their Immersion rank may appear average.

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