Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Start

Today is the start of my exam and I'm glad to say that it went rather smoothly, though hardly perfect. Apart from my essay style paper, this is probably the paper that i completed the most since i started studying in NUS i think, approximately 80% of the paper with written response, though whether my answers are correct or not is another matter. Well, considering this module is the module that i have the most confidence on, the other papers I'll have to put in more efforts.

So what's up these few weeks? I'm truly grateful to the people who started youtube and to those who uploaded nice stuff to watch. As compared to other people who like to randomly find funny videos to watch, i kind of rather watch variety shows or dramas to watch. So here i am, going to recommend a drama currently being shown in Taiwan call 花樣少年少女, which is adapted from a Japanese comic, which is kind of meant for girls to read if i never remember wrong?

Anyway some kind souls have already uploaded the first 2 episodes on youtube, and i can't wait for further release. Ella's acting is outstanding inside the show, and i was wondering how she managed to get an award for the best actress in some award i think, now i know the reason. A website of the show: The joy and fun of being young, is just to enjoy life and to laugh everything through. Enough of serious stuff and let's all just be merry! Comedy is so much better to watch for entertainment than serious shows.

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